Master Goblin - 30 Days - Allods Online Database.


  • Max stack size: 1
  • Category: Treasures

Master Goblin - 30 Days

  • Master Goblin - 30 Days
  • Binds on pickup
  • Duration: 30d.
  • Use: Summons Master Goblin
  • Cooldown: 10m.
  • Summons Master Goblin that provides instant access to mailbox, bank, auction and Currency Exchange, teleports to any location, buys items and sells Mirra.
    Only player who summoned the Goblin can interact with him.

    Disappears in 10 minutes after summon.

    This item is stored in your bag under the Boutique tab and is not consumed after use.

    Cannot be used on Evermeet Isle or in the "Cloud Nine" Health Resort.

  • Cannot be traded